These gifts could cement your status as best friend. Got it memorized?

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These gifts could cement your status as best friend. Got it memorized?

Kingdom Hearst is incredible. I know it, you know and your friend definitely knows it. Here’s 13 awesome gifts for your favourite kingdom hearts fangirl/fanboy

  1. These adorable Pop Vinyl!


Available at:
Also, watch out for season 2 of the series going on sale in December!

  1. This Keyblade fit for any master to wield2

You can buy these made from metal, wood or foam – depending on what you’d like and also how trustworthy you are with large, heavy objects shaped as weapons

  1. These potential key-chains/necklaces/literally anything you want it to be in a nice little Keyblade set3

Available at:
(or any other store so long as you type ‘Keyblade set’ into Google)

  1. This gorgeous poster4
  2. And this one5.png
  3. And this one6

Find a range of posters available at:

  1. This laptop sticker perfect for expressing your dedication to the series7.jpg

Available at:

  1. These… interesting socks8.jpg

Available at:

  1. And these shoes that will definitely compliment any outfit9.png

Available at:

  1. This cute Shadow beanie10.png

Available at:

  1. This bold phone case to make a statement with11

Available at:

  1. This range of snazzy shirts


Available at:

And finally…

  1. The complete set of the Kingdom Hearts manga!13.jpg

Available at:
There is also manga adaptions of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days available!


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