Have you read it before? What do you think of the book?

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Have you read it before? What do you think of it?

Jatta, written by Jenny Hale, is set in a fantasy world where our heroine, Princess Jatta, discovers that she is a werewolf a few days before her 14th birthday. As the wolf inside her grows, it continues to morph. When it begins to intrude into her waking hours (instead of just the night), she realises that her personality will disintegrate if this continues until eventually, none of her humanity will remain.
In these same days, the Dark King of Dartith, Brackensith (who killed Jatta’s mother when she was a baby), has also returned to claim Jatta as a bride for his heir, Drake. And he’s holding the kingdom hostage until she delivers herself from hiding… With no resource to use expect for their own wits and bravery, Jatta and her elder brother set off on a dangerous adventure to defeat their enemy and rescue their kingdom and family.

  1. The storyline is very compelling – there’s always something new to discover or something more you want to learn about as the story progresses


  2. The plot is filled with challenges, action and twists and turns which blend together to appease readers


  3. The novel deals with themes of forgiveness


  4. Another theme explored is how people are shaped by their family and culture


  5. The novel also investigates the difference in societies by contrasting the pacifist, compassion and vulnerable Alteeda attitude Jatta displays with the brutal and militarily successful subjects of the Kingdom of Dartith


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