So… which boss battle did you struggle the most with?


So… which boss battle did you struggle the most with?

  1. Kingdom Hearts – Kurt Zisakz.PNG

The Kurt Zisa has nine different attacks at its disposal including tornado, neck whip, fire orb, dash and silencega – what a joy. It has a pattern to its fighting though, consisting of three different stages. First, it’ll wield its two glowing orbs in each of its top hands and use only physical attacks. Then it’ll become stunned and this is when you can attack it before it’ll start to hover and deal heavy damage to you. The Kurt Zisa can also stop you using physical attacks and it likes to do so frequently…

  1. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories – Marluxia1.PNG

I’d have to say Marluxia’s is the hardest boss battle of this game. He likes to move around a lot and his power and speed stats are pretty high. Larxene’s and Axel’s 2nd battles are also good contenders though – but both have tricks to beat them. Axel has a weakeness to ice-based attacks and against Larxene you essentially just roll, cast fire, roll, cast fire, roll… (you get the idea…)

  1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – Leechgrave2.PNG

The Leechgrave. I actually hate that thing with a passion. It was so annoying and tedious!

  1. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded – Data Roxas3.PNG

Let’s just pretend this game wasn’t a lot easier than the others and just say Data Roxas. Though fighting against Maleficent in her dragon form is also one people seem struggle with…

  1. Kingdom Hearts II – Sephiroth4.PNG

The boss battle against Sephiroth is regarded as the hardest in Kingdom Hearts II. He’s found in Hollow Bastion, and as the lucky player of this game you get to face him as he wields his huge sword at you (which not only covers large distances but can literally obliterate your party’s health in one blow). Sephiroth also has other abilities like summoning Meteor and someone in Square Enix somewhere along the way decided it was perfectly acceptable to allow him to also use Sin Harvest to instantly deplete Sora’s Health?

But because they obviously want to make everything easier for you, they decided to also make Sephiroth dash all around the battlefield as he attacks you – meaning you end up having to constantly dodge while trying to find opportunities to attack.

So, have fun with this boss battle! Grab some snacks for while you’re playing, bring along a cushion and prepare your vocal chords for a wild night in of frustration!

  1. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep – Vanitas Lingering Sentiment5.PNG

The KH fandom stares into the distance and whispers, “Vanitas Lingering Sentiment…”

This boss is infamous among Kingdom Hearts players. There are sooooo many attacks that leave you grasping at nothing to try and keep your pitiful amount of HP, an attack that can stop your magic and/or physical attacks, an attack that messes with your commands and the lovely commands that constantly change on you also include one that reads, “Escape.” Except whenever you click the wrong button you lose HP and if you don’t click on anything you get to die!

  1. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix – The Mysterious Figure6.PNG

“The Mysterious Figure…” *the entire Kingdom Hearts fan base shudders*

I mean seriously, we all wanted to know if this guy was cheating! You can lose straight up if your level isn’t high enough, the guy has two weapons to fight with, he can cast pretty much all of the strongest spells (meteor, death, megaflare, would you like me to continue?). When you finally get his HP down to half he turns invisible – also meaning you can’t lock onto him or see where he’s coming from. Then he can CLONE himself and all his clones can do everything that he can, he has an attack that gets rid of your own special attacks and I haven’t even mentioned that he after you start doing some damage to him, the mysterious figure will either put up a temporary shield so that any damage you inflict heals him instead or he can stop time, reverse time, TELEPORT BEHIND YOU, begin an attack and then unfreeze time again

  1. Dream Drop Distance – Young Xehanort7.PNG

*Screams into the night*


  1. That Young Xehanort fight…now that was pure pain. One that I always find that can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful is the Data Demyx fight. If I have to hear “Dance water! Dance!” one more time…

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