“Quick, make a wish. Take a (second or third or fourth) chance. Remake the world.” – Jandy Nelson

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“Quick, make a wish. Take a (second or third or fourth) chance. Remake the world.” – Jandy Nelson

Written by Jandy Nelson, this novel tells the story of a set of twins – Noah and Jude. At thirteen, Noah is constantly drawing and is isolated from the other kids. At sixteen, Jude needs to prove herself as a sculptor and in doing so meets a new, unpredictable force in her life. And all the while, both are falling in love with boys they can’t have… This is a story about love – about love between family, about love between twins and about love between an artist and their art.

  1. Love between family


Noah and Jude have ever-evolving relationships with their parents. Throughout the novel their family dynamic is continuously changing and it’s lovely to see how this not only shapes the characters and their actions, but also how it affects their reaction to forgiveness

  1. Love between twins


When Noah and Jude were younger they were practically inseparable – they were each other’s best friend. But as they grow up things change, and at the age of sixteen they’re not even talking to each other. But throughout the novel, Nelson proves just how strong Noah and Jude’s love for each other is

  1. Romantic love


Noah’s falling in love with the charismatic, smart, and just generally talented boy next door. Jude’s falling in love with a charming, broken boy. Both relationships are quite different – and as readers we get to see the different things Noah and Jude value in people and a relationship, and how they react to their own feelings

  1. Love between an artist and their art


Noah likes to draw and paint while Jude sculpts. The basis of many events in this novel revolve around art. Noah and Jude have to learn about their art, learn about what it means to them, how to express themselves through art and learn about the relationships artists have with their art and ideas. Essentially, they have to learn about the importance of art in their lives and the meaning it holds for them

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