“If you obey the rules, you’ll miss all the fun” – Juuzou Suzuya

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“If you obey the rules, you’ll miss all the fun” – Juuzou Suzuya

  1. In the manga, it is shown that Aogiri has been experimenting in turning humans to ghouls1.png
  2. The creator of Toyko Ghoul, Ishida Sui, has no resources of pictures in any social media and likes to keep their identity a secret. However, we do know that they are male because the information was leaked by a co-worker in a post2.png
  3. Tokyo Ghoul was inspired by the novel “The Metamorphosis” that was written in 19153.png
  4. Keneki has been associated with the number 12. This is because the number 12 tarot card is ‘the hanged man,’ whose key words are sacrifice, letting go, acceptance, surrender and patience4.png
  5. Tokyo Ghoul Re: is a sequel to Tokyo Ghoul. It’s set 2-3 years after the end of √A…5.png
  6. Amon likes to eat sweet food like donuts, but dislikes spicy food6.png
  7. Tsukiyama is actually Ishida’s earliest character design. He was designed way before Keneki was7.png
  8. Keneki was physically abused by this mother8.png
  9. In the early story drafts, Touka was the binge-eater instead of Rize9.png
  10. Tokyo Ghoul: Jack is a 6 chapter manga (and now also an OVA) which tells the story of Arima Kishou’s high school days10.png
  11. Hide’s voice actor initially tried out for the role of Keneki11.png
  12. Keneki’s battle with Jason and escape from Aogiri happened on the 20th December – his 19th birthday12.png
  13. Suzuya is the only investigator since Arima to become a Special Class investigator in his early 20s13.png




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