“But understanding a thing and accepting it are so very different things”

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“But understanding a thing and accepting it are so very different things”

What’s Left of Me is the first book in the Hybrid series (consisting of three books in total) written by Kat Zhang. The first novel in the series follows Eva and Addie who started out life the same way everyone else did – being two souls in one body. They took turns controlling their movements and learned how to talk, walk and do everything together. But as they grow older, people began to worry about them. Why is one of them fading? The recessive soul should be fading… Finally, Addie was pronounced ‘healthy’ and Eva was said to be gone. Except, well… she wasn’t.

Now Addie is the only one who knows Eva is still trapped in their body, though she is unable to use it. But as Eva continues to cling the remnants of her life, they discover that there may be a way for Eva to move again. In a world where hybrids are illegal because they are considered a threat to society, Addie and Eva will still do anything to give Eva a chance at life.

  1. The book explores themes such as identity, acceptance and you could even say it explores gender issues a bit too


  2. The Hybrids in the book are awesome. They (both the characters and the concept itself) are so interesting and Zhang has cleverly written this novel. Not only is the concept of Hybrids explored thoroughly, but Zhang has also chosen to tell the story from Eva’s perspective. Eva is an observer to life and can only communicate with Addie and through Eva’s viewpoint, readers get to see just how isolated she is and how cruel the continued existence of a recessive soul is. Addie gets to walk and talk and live while Eva is her secret that no-one can know about…


  3. It’s interesting to watch how Addie and Eva’s relationship has evolved. Eva is the observant one and is the one reminding Addie of all the little things each day. We also get to see their relationship change as the pronouns Addie begins to use also change. In the beginning of the girls’ life Addie and Eva always used ‘us’ pronouns to reference themselves, then when Eva was fading Addie shifting to using ‘me.’ But as the story progresses Addie begins to say ‘us’ again to talk about herself and Eva


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