Is it really the happiest place on Earth?


Is it really the happiest place on Earth?

  1. The rumour is that Disney’s cryogenically frozen is buried somewhere in Disneyland. Some have even theorised that it may be under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle… This rumour seems to have sparked from that fact that Disney had a pretty big interest in cryogenics and futuristic science. Though this rumour has been publicly announced to be false as Disney’s body was cremated…


  2. It’s said that someone has been decapitated on Disney World’s Space Mountain. Apparently a man stood up on the coaster and got his head cut off


  3. Cast members of the It’s a Small World ride often say that they see the dolls blink or appear in different places than the day before


  4. It’s been suggested that the spirit of a young boy loiters in the Haunted Mansion in Orlando. Cast members have spoken of hearing him giggling and mimicking the “hurry back” lady after the ride closes for the day


  5. Disney was suspected to be using Club 33 for Illuminati meetings. It was a popular rumour that Disney was a member of the Freemasons, a group whom the Illuminati has entrusted in helping establish the New World Order.
    In reality though, Club 33 was said to have been envisioned by Disney to be a sort of ‘VIP area’ for corporate sponsors and important guests. It’s like an exclusive club inside Disneyland where one could go to escape crowds, fine dine in a five-star restaurant, go to the bar and hang out with celebrities. However, the membership of the club costs $12 000 a year with the initiation fee being $25 000. And the waiting list is 15 years long


  6. It’s theorised that Disney himself still haunts his firehouse apartment on Main Street. An employee was cleaning the apartment after Disney died and the lamp in the window kept turning on and off by itself. Nowadays the park keeps to the lamp as a tribute to Disney, despite people saying that they sometimes see the curtains of the apartment moving on their own…


  7. A teen drowned trying to swim from Tom Sawyer Island back to the main Disneyland park. Two brothers snuck out and hid on the islands until the park closed. But when they tried swimming back to the main park, the eldest drowned and the body was found the next morning


  8. Many say that the ghost of an employee haunts the Disney World’s Tower of Terror. The employee had a heart attack while loading guests onto the ride and died in the building. Platform D is now the supposed haunted spot that current employees are scared of – said to be where the ghost resides


  9. Another Space Mountain theory is the one of the man who haunts Disneyland’s Space Mountain. Mr Wedway died while helping to construct the ride but never got to see it finished. Some tourists have said that they’ve seen someone riding next to them, only to start screaming when he falls out of the ride


  10. At times, visitors and employees have talked about seeing a ghost running along the monorail track. This originates from when in 1966, Thomas Cleveland tried to sneak into the park by climbing a wall onto the monorail. But when security spotted him, he bolted and was hit by the monorail



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