I need to develop some interestingness


I need to develop some interestingness

Okay, okay. Firstly, I know I’ve already done this tag before but it was so much fun to write I just couldn’t resist! So a big thank-you to KimchiSama for tagging me for the Lovely Blogger Award! They’re such an incredible and dynamic person and blogger, everyone really should be following them!!!

For those who may not know, this is how the award works:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
2) Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
5) Include this set of rules
6) Inform your nominees

Now onward to my 7 facts (these are all fairly useless facts but you know, the extent of my talents is staying up until 4am and then sleeping in until 12pm…):

  1. My ‘birthday’ is on Halloween

    I don’t actually show my actual birthday on any social media sites. Instead, I always set my birth date as the 31st October

  2. I don’t have a favourite colour

    I’m a very strange person with a very strange choice in colours. I like different colours depending on what an item is and what its purpose is. For example, in my room I like brighter colours (and I have a particular fondness for pastel blues, pinks and purples)… But for furniture I like white… But for things like stationery I like rose gold…

  3. I’m useless in a kitchen

    I can follow a recipe and stuff but no guarantees it’ll taste good. You’re talking to the girl who forgot to turn the rice cooker on when making dinner and somehow has managed before to undercook vegetables on a heated stove. Resulting in me trying to get them to at least warm for 20 minutes with no success…

  4. I graduated from high school this year

    I graduated in November! I’m free! (Jk, I actually really liked school and I know that I’m going to miss it…)

  5. Next year I’m going to university

    I’m going to university next year! I’m super excited for this and I just can’t wait!!!

  6. I have three siblings

    I’m the eldest of four (five, if you include the dog). As the eldest it is my duty to be the guinea pig of the family and ensure that any past mistakes I’ve made have been documented for a later date. This then allows for one of my siblings to consult the notes from the same (or a similar) situation that I was in, but be able to use the notes in their own respective time and predicament. Therefore, my siblings will know how to better handle the situation

  7. My Patronus is a ragdoll cat

    Yay! I really love cats! I don’t know if you guys think this is a good Patronus but hey, it’s a cat!

And now I’m pretty sure that most people I know have already been nominated for this tag so I’ll just be tagging 4 people today! And please remember that there’s zero pressure on you to do this tag 😊

Thanks for readying this everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your day 😊

10 comments on “ANOTHER 7 FACTS ABOUT ME”

  1. Good luck at the university (I still got a year and a half left to graduate high school)

    Also, it’s fun to read these posts too, so a repeat isn’t a worry Red-san!

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