Judging by the reactions of the people eating the food anyway…


Judging by the reactions of the people eating the food anyway…

  1. Roast Pork, Just Kidding

    Description: This dish isn’t really a pork roast. Instead, it’s a bacon-covered mashed potato dish
    Made By: Soma Yukihira

  2. Loco Moco Bowl

    Description: This bowl consists of hamburger steak, rice, a sunny-side up egg and vinaigrette
    Made By: Ikumi Mito

  3. Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen

    Description: This is chicken-stock ramen with lots and lots of vegetables
    Made By: Megumi Tadokoro

  4. Eggs Benedict

    Description: This is the perfect eggs benedict. It has poached egg, sauce, bacon and even salted mullet roe powder to increase the deliciousness of the dish
    Made By: Erine Nakiri

  5. Kofta Kebab Burger

    Description: It’s a kofta and a burger. How could it NOT be good?
    Made By: Akira Hayama

  6. Chalipian Steak Bowl

    Description: Sirloin steak (which it apparently one of the most common kinds of beef and cut from the back of the animal???) served with rice and minced onions
    Made By: Soma Yukihira

  7. Curry Risotto Omurice

    Description: This is essentially curry, risotto and an omelet…
    Made By: Soma Yukihira

  8. Special Smoked Curry

    Description: This meal is smoked bacon, potatoes and eggs in a smoked curry
    Made By: Shun Ibasaki

  9. Quail Stuffed with Risotto and Eggs

    Description: This final dish consists of quail stuffed with creamy risotto, cabbage and poached eggs
    Made By: Soma Yukihira

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