“I am not Toph, I am Melon Lord! Mwahahah!” – one of Toph’s most iconic lines

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“I am not Toph, I am Melon Lord! Mwahahah!” – one of Toph’s most iconic lines

  1. The show is set on another planet – a smaller one than Earth. This explains why on the maps everything is so close together. AND it would also mean that there would be less gravity, explaining the characters ability to do many high jumps and maneuver themselves so well while airborneindex.jpg
  2. This theory states that the show is set after an apocalyptic event occurred – a horrific one. This explains why despite Avatar Wan living 10 000 years before Aang did, civilisation hadn’t changed much. One would only assume that there would have been at least some very major improvements in technology – so this theory explains why this hasn’t seem to happen yet (especially as considering in The Legend of Korra there has been significant technological advancement made)avatar_the_last_airbender___azula_gif_by_imakegifs-d4no7rm.gif
  3. What would have happening if Aang didn’t freeze in that ice for 100 years? Well, this theory suggests that if Aang hadn’t run away and managed to stop the Fire Nation’s plans for global domination, then he would have lived a long life. When he died, the next Avatar would from the Water Tribe. So, this theory concludes that the next Avatar would have been Katara!5456828-7200971688-tumbl.gif
  4. This final theory is a bit mind-blowing… We all remember the well-agreed disaster that was The Last Airbender live action movie. This theory tries to explain why this occurred… It’s because the movie wasn’t an adaption of the show, but rather an adaption of the Ember Island Players play…index0.jpg

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