I found this way more entertaining than I should have


I found this way more entertaining than I should have. Also, I have a re-newed admiration for those who write these Wiki articles. There’s a lot of effort that goes into them…

  1. It’s called being… *whispers scandalously* cousinsCapture1.PNG
  2. The “rival” couple (I kid you not these pages actually have who the ‘rival’ couples are of canon and non-canon couples it’s GREAT. And they are all listed and linked to their own respective pages) of ShikaTema is everybody’s favourite – ShikaIno. Because you know, being teammates obviously equals a brewing romance between the two and can be used as ‘evidence’ for their relationshipCapture2.PNG
  3. No offence to the ChouIno shippers out there… but I would MOST CERTAINLY HOPE that my teammate was relieved that I survivedCapture3.PNG
  4. This. Is. Clear. Evidence. For. SaiSaku. It’s. Real. This. Ship. Has. Proof. They. Love. Each. Other. Don’t. Come. At. Me. With. Your. Canon. Rubbish. This. Is. Obviously. True. Love.Capture4.PNG
  5. Sasuke and Hinata are clearly having an affair. There’s no other logical explanationCapture5.PNG
  6. And the best, most solid, most concrete evidence for ShikaNejiCapture.PNG


  1. I’m guilty of liking crack ships. But I’ve never gone as far as trying to prove them via canon though. I like them, it didn’t matter if there was canon. Mines were Sasuke/Tenten and Neji/Sakura.

    I can kinda get the Neji/Hinata thing considering kissing cousins are pretty common in anime and or manga but I don’t ship them. All examples with the exception of Sasuke/Hinata can be argued platonically or romantically. That ship just doesn’t seem believable at all.

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