Let’s just firstly agree please that none of us are over the realisation that Hinami and Ayato are the same age yet

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Let’s just firstly agree please that none of us are over the realisation that Hinami and Ayato are the same age yet

  1. Touka

    Touka has an incomplete Kagune. This is because when she was very young, she unleashed it to protect Ayato from ghoul investigators. This isn’t supposed to be done though because a ghoul cannot hold a Kagune’s power at such a young age

  2. Hide

    Hide is the only character whose profile says ‘no data.’ This means he has no official birthday, height, weight or blood type recorded… And considering how important a character Hide is, this has led many believe Ishida may have decided to keep this a secret for a reason…

  3. Yomo

    Yomo gets drunk very easily and when he does, he becomes very talkative

  4. Uta

    Uta says that the reason his Kakugan is always activated is because they are actually eye tattoos. However, it’s been theorised that Uta may have limited eye-sight or may even be blind.
    Uta has been shown to wear glasses… And his masks have no apparent eye-holes – meaning that he must be used to not being able to see clearly. Kakugan also heightens a ghoul’s senses so it’s been suggested that instead of wearing glasses all the time like Nishiki does, Uta keeps his Kakugan activated to be able to see better. It’s also been brought up that Uta is the only character to appear on the cover of the manga volumes without his eyes being shown…

  5. Hinami

    Hinami is the first in the series to have a dual Kagune. She was born with both a rinkaku and koukaku Kagune – and this is actually considered to be a genetic abnormality

  6. Tatara

    Some fans have speculated that Tatara is albino because of his pale complexion, red eyes and white hair

  7. Akira

    Akira was often referred to as the ‘Asexual Weapons Fanatic’ (by Takizawa) because of her fascination with Quinque. This is similar to how her father was dubbed the ‘Crazy Old Quinque Fanatic’

  8. Juuzou

    Juuzou’s hairclips change throughout the series as his character develops. He starts out with his hairclips representing the number 13 before he loses one during the Owl Suppression Operation – and this was the first indication of his character change. Later, in :Re chapter 32, Juuzou is seen to wear his clips arranged into the number 20 while he is being promoted to Special Class – as his character once again grows. This number 20 is thought to reference the judgement card (as it’s a call for a period of reflection and self-evaluation)

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