I doubt even the heart of the cards can save you now…


I’m not sure even the heart of the cards can save you now…

  1. Cold Feet

    That is… really helpful?

  2. Ma’at

    Well that is, awfully specific…

  3. Inferno Tempest

    Why are you taking THAT much damage in the first place?

  4. Doom Donuts

    That donut is nightmare-inducing…

  5. D-Boyz

    Yes I love telling my opponent “I flip summon D-Boyz!” And then taking damage… For monsters with 100 ATK points… *prays quietly* Please let my strategy work flawlessly now…

  6. People Running About

    Just… WHY?

  7. Darkness Approaches

    Hmm yesssss I love me them face-down ATK position monsters

  8. Tasunootoshigo

    Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.46.43 pm.png
    There has to be some inside joke among the creators about this card that I’m not getting

  9. Gale Dogra

    3000 life-points to discard a monster from your extra-deck to your graveyard… I’m guessing this is only used with some pretty complex strategy that no-one has just managed to pull off?

  10. Felgrand Dragon

    So then how do you suggest that I summon this thing?! *flips cards across table*

6 comments on “10 OF THE STRANGEST ‘YU-GI-OH!!!’ CARDS”

  1. In fariness with the Felgrand Dragon card, I believe that it can be tribute summoned. It can also be sent to the graveyard by some cards used by your opponent while it’s still in your hand, setting it up for a special summon.

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