(Or rather, pretty much the only 11 voids we get to learn about throughout the show)

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(Or rather, pretty much the only 11 voids we get to learn about throughout the show)

  1. Daryl’s kaleidoscope can reflect any attack… pretty neat!


  2. I feel like this one doesn’t really paint Gai in a good light… But then again, he is manipulative and arrogant so… oh well! Gai’s void can forcibly manifest the voids of another and can also be used as a normal rifle


  3. Inori’s void is a S+ rank, so it’s definitely powerful! But it’s also an offensive and defensive weapon – it’s a longsword with a very sharp blade and is able to create disks to act as shields or steps


  4. Ayase’s void is legs! They allow her to not only use her own legs, but also move at high speeds and allow her to fly. It must be so awesome for her! (Neglecting the fact that she really only gets to use them during a fight…)


  5. Yahiro’s shears are… well, actually pretty dark… Although it’s a powerful weapon, it’s been called a ‘sever of life.’ This is because the shears are able to be inserted into another person to allow its user to cut the other’s threads. The reason for this is because Yahiro secretly thinks that his sick brother burdens him…


  6. Arisa’s shield is rank S and proves it’s powerful by being able to guard large areas and shield any kind of attack


  7. Hare’s void is bandages – they can repair any damage done to one’s body and any damage to objects too. Shu comments on how Hare’s void is kind, just like she is… *has started crying in 2015 when they watched this anime and honestly hasn’t really stopped yet*


  8. We never really got to learn much about Tsugumi’s background apart from that she was an orphan and ended up alone a lot. So her void reflects how Tsugumi used to pretend she was talking to other people by allowing its user to create a solid holographic image of a person that can be remotely controlled


  9. Firstly I’d just like to say that I really liked Souta so I might be a tinsy bit biased here… But moving on! Souta’s void allows its user to open locked doors and open other things like vaults. Which I think is pretty sweet considering Shu talks about how fitting this void is for Suota because he’s a guy that people can easily open up to


  10. Okay, so Kenji’s is pretty cool because not only is it an anti-gravity machine… but also because giving this void to Kenji is a pretty well-thought out move by the creators. They’re given Kenji a weapon which has a rippling affect on others. Although it only directly affects those within its range, turning off the gravity still impacts upon those outside of the range – just like Kenji’s more psychopathic impulses do


  11. Despite the theories that Shu’s void is reflective of the fact that he takes on other’s burdens, it can also be seen as a void that represents his highly dependent nature upon others. However, Shu’s void can pretty much take the form of any other void and even absorb other things so yeah, that’s pretty cool!


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