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“Well, I like peanut butter, and I like peanut butter cookies, but I hate peanuts. They’re so dry. Also I sweat a lot. I mean in general, unrelated to the peanuts” – Pidge

  1. Shiro

    There has been some debate about Shiro’s age. Published media mostly describes the Paladins as ‘five unsuspecting teenager.’ This advertisement would mean that Shiro is no older than 19, while 25 is Shiro’s age according to The Paladin’s Handbook (though the executive staff did not review this addition to the Handbook). The executive staff have since agreed then though that 25 is a good ‘safety zone’ for Shiro’s age. The original pitch for the Paladins were ‘five teenagers’ but obviously, changes are made to characters throughout the creative process and so Shiro’s character ended up being older than his initial character concept

  2. Keith

    Keith’s birthday is the 23rd of October

  3. Pidge

    Both Pidge’s age and nationality have been stated in The Paladin’s Handbook. So we now for certain that Pidge is the youngest of the Paladins at age 16, and is Italian

  4. Lance

    Lance’s full name has not been revealed yet… But on a side note his favourite food is garlic knots

  5. Hunk

    Tyler Labine (the voice actor of Hunk) has confirmed on Twitter that Hunk is from Somoa

  6. Allura

    Allura has been described as a teenager by staff, meaning that she is 19 at the oldest. (However, fans do not know whether or not Allura is actually 19 or if that is just her Earth-age equivalent considering that Coran is 600 years old…) So this means that when Allura declares that she’s been playing the castleship for half of her life, then she would have started flying the castle when she was about 9 years old

  7. Coran

    During his age regression (due to continuously passing through unstable wormholes), Coran’s younger counterparts are actually voiced by the sons of his voice actor (Rhys Darby)

  8. Lotor

    Before season 3 aired, Lotor’s face was kept hidden during trailers, promotion etc. due to the fact that his character is based upon Lotor from the original Voltron series. So, during WonderCon 2017 when a clip of Lotor was shown to panel attendees, since it was April Fool’s Day, Lotor’s face was kept hidden by the cow (given to Lance in the Space Mall)

  9. Haggar

    During flashbacks, Haggar is actually voiced by a different actress. Executive staff have explained that the reason for this was because they decided that the different voice actors were representative of the fact that Haggar is not the same person that she once was

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