“My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don’t particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I’m going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone”

  1. In the earlier stages of the planning for Naruto, Karachi would end his sentences with ‘gozaru’ (which is a polite, old-fashioned mannerism)


  2. If Kankuro was to take off his hood, we could see that he was a similar hairstyle of Naruto


  3. Ichiraku is a real ramen shop. It’s located in Kyushu and is close to the university that the author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, graduated from


  4. Ibiki Morino is actually the tallest Shinobi in the Hidden Leave Village – standing at 193.5cm tall


  5. Shikamaru’s IQ is above 200


  6. Special effects were used in the English dub to specifically edit out the smoke from Asuma’s cigarette


  7. Chouji’s dad is actually a part of the group that wanted to kill Naruto in chapter 1


  8. The anime staff of Naruto are big fans of Hinata


  9. Tenten gets less screen time then Ton Ton


  10. Neji’s forehead markings are different in the anime from the manga. This is because the anime staff felt that the swastika symbol was definitely too strongly associated with Nazis

    Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.02.33 am.png

  11. When Itachi tortured Sasuke (after Itachi and Kisame came to kidnap Naruto), he made Sasuke relive the night that he killed the entire Uchiha clan – over and over again. Although it didn’t seem like that long a time in reality, in Sasuke’s mind he had to endure over 24 hours of torture. And all the while, he was still only around 12 at the time


  12. When Naruto first aired, it was nearly cancelled. One organisation put in complaints about the show because of its high death rates and portrayal of violence. This organisation asked one of the major sponsors of Naruto to pull out its funding. However, once the ratings for the series were known, the organisation stopped complaining


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