Thank-you to the assistant librarian at my primary school who put aside this book for me and told me to read it because she knew I’d love it

Wonderstruck is a book written and illustrated by Brian Selznick (who is also the author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret). It tells the story of two children – Ben and Rose. Ben was born deaf in one year and is now living with his aunty and uncle (after being orphaned) in Minnesota, 1977. starts in Gunflint Lake, Minnesota in June 1977. He was born deaf in one of his ears.
Set across different time periods and following the lives of two pretty different children, Ben’s story is told in words while Rose’s is told in pictures.

  1. The storyline is very compelling
  2. The art and writing are SO. GOOD.97805450278921.gif
  3. The characters are very likeable and easy to empathise withGopnik-jumbo.jpg
  4. It’s a suitable for all ages sort of book – both children and adults can appreciate it21431542.jpg
  5. The characters’ lives are diversewonderstruck-62-63_custom-a3788e795c398cc5b6436d9129206bf044f651f2-s900-c85.jpg
  6. With all the detail that’s in the book, re-reading it never gets boringWonderstruck1.jpg
  7. I can’t spoil anything, but it’s beautiful how well the story concludes721271._SX540_.jpg


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