Honestly, at this point in time I just accept whatever I’m told by the producers, actors or J.K. Rowling about this series…


Honestly, at this point in time I just accept whatever I’m told by the producers, actors or J.K. Rowling about this series…

  1. Rowling actually came up with the idea of Quidditch after a massive fight she had with her then-boyfriend. She said to came up with the game of Quidditch, “You walk out of the house, you sit down in a pub, and you invent Quidditch. And I don’t really know what the connection is between the row and Quidditch except that Quidditch is quite a violent game and maybe in my deepest, darkest soul I would quite like to see him hit by a bludger”


  2. As we all know, in the books Harry’s eyes are meant to be green. So they actually tried having Radcliffe wear green contacts during filming or considered making his eyes green in post-production. However, Rowling decided that the colour of Harry’s eyes didn’t matter as long as they resembled Lily’s. This decision was quite a relief for Radcliffe as he apparently had fairly bad reactions to wearing the contacts


  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone could have ended up being called Harry Potter and the School of Magic


  4. Even Stephen King thought that Umbridge was a good villain. He stated in his review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for Entertainment Weekly, “The gently smiling Dolores Umbridge, with her girlish voice, toadlike face, and clutching, stubby fingers, is the greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter”


  5. In order to keep Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from being leaked, it was given the codenames of Edinburgh Potmakers and The Life and Times of Clara Rose Lovett: An Epic Novel Covering Many Generations


  6. Radcliffe, Watson and Grint to actually asked to write essays about their characters (from a first person point of view) Apparently they did a pretty good job of it too with Heyman saying that Radcliffe wrote about a page, Watson wrote about 10 pages and Grint didn’t hand anything in. When asked about this, Grint told Entertainment Weekly, “I didn’t do mine, because I didn’t think Ron would. Or that was my excuse. At the time, I was actually quite busy with the real schoolwork involved with my exams, and I just didn’t do it. But in the end, it felt right because that’s what Ron would have done”


  7. Rowling actually came up with the Hogwarts house names during a flight, so she wrote them down on sick bags in order to put them in her notes to revisit later if she liked any of them for her novels


  8. The broomsticks used in the movies are made out of aircraft-grade titanium. This is because people actually had to use the props – sitting of them, mounting them etc. So they had to be very thin but very durable and strong



  1. Awesome post, I always love learning new stuff about Harry Potter. Im happy to say I’m a proud Hufflepuff and every friend I have talked to who is a Hufflepuff agrees even the Hufflepuff house wouldn’t befriend that evil pink toad!

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  2. Oh interesting. I only got into HP once the books finished, always disliked on-going series after a couple series never ending, and I only watched the first 2 movies cause it was faster to read the books hehe
    I knew that about Radcliffe and the contacts, nice to see the rest.
    Umbridge was terrifying, but so was Mad Eye cause the moving eye always creeped me out 😨

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      1. I’ve actually never read the series before. The movies are my first experience with Harry Potter. I like them so far–I think they’re pretty good! (I’m also looking forward to the next Fantastic Beasts movie–I loved the first one)

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