Excluding all the typical Justice League members that is… And I’m super pumped for season 3!


Excluding all the typical Justice League members that is… And I’m super pumped for season 3!

  1. Kid Flash

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.33.07 pm.png
    I love Kid Flash. Although I don’t really personally find his jokes funny, he likes to make a joke and is pretty impatient – meaning his actions often end up being pretty amusing to watch. But he gets excited pretty easily and I appreciate the joy he shows. Wally’s also intelligent and very good regarding science, so it’s nice that his character wasn’t written off as just being the character to fill the goof-ball/loverboy trope. And as seen in season 2, Wally does mature. I also really like his first introduction in the series where he was complaining about how Flash and him were always the last ones to arrive anywhere

  2. Artemis
    Just going to leave this right here because their relationship is my favourite in this series…

    Artemis is pretty badass. She’s passionate, opinionated and was determined to prove herself. She doesn’t back down from a fight and won’t tolerate people belittling her. She’s also great at combat, having above-average human conditioning for speed, endurance, agility and strength. Obviously, Artemis is most well-known for her marksmanship but she is also ambidextrous (which has proven helpful during battles), is good at tracking, acrobatics, martial arts and like her sister, is multilingual

  3. Nightwing

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.30.37 pm.png
    I’m sorry, but how can you not like someone who likes create back-formations when they were younger? Dick was pretty light-hearted and actually pretty immature at times during his early teenage years. However he is intelligent, driven, focused and can handle pressure and responsibility. As he grew and matured, he obviously made some mistakes along the way as the leader of the Team but he was still interesting. I always liked the Bat family’s strategic approach to things and Dick was always one of my favourites to watch during battles. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him much in combat in season 2, but he clearly has some awesome skills and equipment at his disposal

  4. Impulse

    Bart is hyperactive and talkative – which is a lot like me sometimes. And I think that this helps many viewers empathise with his character. He likes to talk about lots of different things, talk about how cool he finds things and is very excitable and upbeat – how couldn’t you like this bundle of energy? He’s also interested in learning stuff about the past is is always expressing his appreciation for his family

  5. Robin (Tim Drake)

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.35.20 pm.png
    Tim seems like he needs some love and support. He’s determined to prove himself and is a natural leader, but doesn’t have a ton of confidence in himself like many of the other characters do. He gets along well with all his teammates and seems like a precious child really…

  6. Aqualad

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.32.31 pm.png
    Kaldur’ahm is so precious. He’s calm, level-headed and soft-spoken (unlike a lot of his teammates). He likes to keep peace with everyone and is big on teamwork. He’s the voice of reason for his team and is also respectful to others, even during disagreements. He has such a great personality and some pretty cool powers too

  7. Rocket

    Rocket is great. Although he later joined the Justice League, from the times that we get to see her throughout the series she’s awesome. She’s amicable and upbeat and gave the audience a different perspective on sidekicks. While previously in the series we usually got to her the sidekicks complaining about their position or just being accepting of it, Rocket was the first person to express how it was the sidekicks, rather than the actual ‘main’ heroes, that inspired her to become a hero. Not to mention that her enthusiasm and spark for heroism was what convinced her mentor Icon to become a hero himself

  8. Cheshire

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.31.36 pm.png
    Cheshire is pretty talented. She has no super powers, but has amazing agility, marksmanship, tracking abilities and is stealthy. She’s also had some clearly intensive martial arts training. She is determined but also is shown to have a sense of humour. Not to mention that Cheshire has been said to speak English, Vietnamese, Chinese, some Japanese and possible even more languages!

  9. Guardian

    Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.35.51 pm.png
    Mal is such a sweet boy. He cares for his teammates and especially his girlfriend Karen (aka Bumblebee). Actually, it was in the episodes where all he wanted was some time to spend together with Karen that he won me over… But aside form that, Mal’s shown to be focused, works effectively and supportive

  10. Superboy

    Gotta love our boy with anger issues. Conner doesn’t particularly like authority and likes to be treated equally to others (maybe because of his overconfidence?) but he does learn how to socialise with others and form friendships over his time being with the Team. Conner grows a lot throughout this series (also because he had zero social interactions with people before being introduced into the show) and it’s shown in the way he learns to be more calm, in-tune with his emotions, not rely solely on his powers and listen to and understand others. He also isn’t just a tough guy, he’s shown to be upset when Superman doesn’t want to give him the time of day and wants to connect with other people. And when he does form friendships with other people, he cares for them and supports them


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