I have a short story that I’ve just submitted in for marking and I should’ve stopped rereading it after submitting it because now I’ve convinced myself that it’s horrible

So! It’s day 2 of the ‘Three Days, Three Quotes’ tag (as I was tagged by the wonderful Arthifis and Keiko!) Here’s today’s quote then:

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.13.00 pm

I’ve never needed motivation to eat cake before, but now I have an excuse to go in for a second slice! Especially since we just celebrated a birthday recently and there’s cake in the fridge…

And the nominees are:
1. The AniWriter (look forward to some awesome poetry quotes here!)
2. Grouther’s Anime Diary
3. Lonewolf93

(Also, surprising, this post is somehow 145 words long?!)

Bye everyone! Hope you’re having a good day!!!

13 comments on “DAY 2: THREE DAYS, THREE QUOTES TAG”

  1. Ahahahah this is the best thing 😀 Although if you are running from a tiger you probably will be eaten first… But hey, the chances of getting kidnapped are way higher than being eaten by a tiger so there’s that! 😀

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  2. Good luck for your essay! I’m sure you did great!
    That’s a great quote! I’ve been craving cake for days and now I have a great reason to stuff my face with cake! 😂

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