I’m going to straight up say that my voice is not great.

So I made a podcast! Yep, that’s right! This is random as hell and totally out of nowhere! But it’s been created and has its first upload now!


I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to with it yet, but so far I think that I’ve had to put it down under something like a ‘lifestyle’ podcast… Which I don’t really like the sound of because I’m 17 and not equipped to talk about anything ‘lifestyle’ related with authority but oh well… Essentially though what I figure I’ll do with it is use it as a platform to ramble and rant about varied things like university life, life updates, mental health, social stuff and talking to other people about their experiences with things and their advice/wisdom/lessons.

Because obviously those are some more serious and important topics, I feel like I have to be totally honest here and mention that the main reason this podcast is a thing is because I need more practise editing in Audition. Because seriously, I am in no way fit for necessarily discussing these sorts of things even if I’m just reflecting upon my own limited experiences. I’m not claiming to actually be a ‘lifestyle’ or ‘self-help’ podcast and really have only labelled it because Anchor wanted me to do so. This is a ramble podcast. This is just someone expressing their own thoughts, experiences or concerns about a varied range of topics and hopefully, maybe talking to some other people about theirs. This is pretty me talking about things, that’s literally it. And badly doing so too – though I’m hoping to improve with more time and much more practise.

And with that all being said, give it a listen you’d like to please! I don’t think I really portray necessarily everything that I meant or wanted to say in this introduction, and if I do I don’t think I do it well, but I guess this is also a good way to practise speaking – especially responding to a topic without a script written.

So the real take away from this post is that I’m viewing my podcast as a way for me to use it as a learning experience and a way to practise certain communication skills. Hopefully someone might find it enjoyable along the way too.

So any feedback, ideas or opinions are always welcome! Be brutal!

Bye everyone! Hope you’re having a good day ❤




  1. crimson613 says:

    bc there’s no comments section on anchor xD

    wow you have a nice voice, an accent!, and you sound older than 17. I would not have ever guessed this is what you sound like :000 lol! same here, sending dms is really scary to me xD

    great intro! 😀 can’t wait for more~

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  2. Yomu says:

    You have a great voice for a podcast! From the podcasts I’ve listened to in the past, you get better at speaking in this format as you go – so good luck with it!

    I’m no expert myself at audio editing, but I’ve used Audacity in the past and it’s pretty intuitive. Easy to clip audio and whatnot, and its free.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. eumiiboo says:

    Even though you were only using your phone to record I actually love how clear your voice is! You have a voice that’s great for a podcast, I would love to hear and see more episodes from you.

    Well good luck and have fun with your future podcasts~!

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  4. Ełijah Crøuch says:

    Keep up the great work! I’m 14 (have a crappy voice), own and produce 2 podcasts, have made the iTunes top charts, and been featured on radio shows. All that matters is your interest. Give time to it and it will be a huge success.

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