WARNING: This post is useless and dumb

I have a bit of a bad habit of sometimes seeing a sequel movie before actually seeing the first. (Specifically, watching the third movie in a series…)

My friends when I show up to the cinema and mention I haven’t seen the first movie

And while sometimes this works out well and I get hooked upon the entire series, other times it turns me off the series totally. Why? It probably comes down to how much of the prior movies I need to have seen and remember to appreciate the sequel movies.

john wick 3.jpg
Keanu Reeves deserves all the happiness

I had never watched a John Wick film before seeing  John Wick 3. Yes, I know that’s shameful. But it’s because I’m not a big action fan. Don’t get me wrong. I do love some good action scenes. I just prefer other genres to action when given the choice.

john wick 3 photo 2.jpg
Mark me down as an official fan of John Wick now though!

So, when going in to watch this movie I was briefed quickly about John Wick 1 and 2 to make sure that I could understand most things going on in number 3 because apparently I can’t be trusted to read plot synopses. And I loved it. I didn’t understand everything fully, but I felt like I really didn’t need to enjoy it. If anything, it just made me want to go watch the first two films so I could better understand, and I’ll definitely be watching the rest of the John Wick films as more come out.

I liked the concept of the series though

Glass, however, had the opposite effect on me. I didn’t even know that it was a trilogy and thought it was a stand-alone movie. I wasn’t briefed on it and ended up not liking it much. I understood mostly what was going on, but I feel like I really needed to have watched the other movies to appreciate it. The film itself wasn’t that great anyway (although the acting was amazing!).

spiderman ffm.jpg
I did quite like Spider-Man: Far From Home

Some series though I just end up kind of impartial to. I watched Spider-Man: Far from Home with my cousin. I liked it, but it doesn’t make me want to watch the first one. I know the characters and the entire plot from social media and End Game (and have seen so many screenshots at this point I feel like I have actually sat down and watched the entire movie) so I feel like I haven’t missed out on anything.

laughing gif.jpg
We persevere with our stubborn ways

I feel like what I’ve learnt from this ramble is that I should probably just watch the first movie in a series before leaping into agreeing to watch sequels when they come out. But then that’ll also take away from the fun of the confusion when trying to figure out an entire plot without any contextual or background knowledge!

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  1. I guess it depends on how complex the universe is, and whether the plot has any capacity to stand alone. From my experience, Marvel films are fine (I’ve only seen Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home). But the third Divergent movie made zero sense without background knowledge. 😂

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  2. Well…I guess some movies can be enjoyed without having seen the first parts. But I hardly ever try to do that. Some details are just lost when you haven’t seen a previous installment, and would also diminish my enjoyment if I were to see what had gone before 😊

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  3. I usually try to watch/experience things in order. I know some are stand-alone experiences, but there are usually still references and connections that are significant. That, and it’s hard to go often hard to go backwards instead of forwards since creators have had a chance to fix the original’s weak points.

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  4. It’s really hard for me to watch things out of order. I’m the type of person who feels like if they watch a sequel before they watch the original, something in the experience of watching the original is lost. On the flip-side, I feel like something in the experience of watching the sequel is lost if I don’t watch the original first. I’ve seen sequels stand-alone just because, eh I never much cared to see or not see the franchise beforehand so I won’t be bothered, but if it’s something I really think I’ll like, I’ll avoid watching the sequels first.

    In the case of the Marvel movies, my only thing there is I’ll go to see the Avengers movies without having seen all of the other movies building up to it. I’ve seen quite a few, but it’s a lot to ask to get caught up on everyone’s movie line before seeing one movie. There are just too many. I will start from the beginning of each individual series, though.

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