5 Facts to Know about Ochaco Uraraka

  1. In her original design Ochaco was called Yuu. She had Mt Lady’s quirk and a different personality. Horikoshi actually changed her character’s quirk because he thought it would be too ‘stressful’ and ‘troublesome’ for her as the main heroine, saying that this would be because she would stand out so much


  2. Her birthday is 27th December and her blood type is B


  3. Uraraka was born in the Mie Prefecture


  4. Her name can be spelt as ‘Ochaco’ or ‘Ochako.’ Both are correct and have been used in official material


  5. According to KansaiChick, “麗日 (Uraraka)” is very made up. It doesn’t exist in real life. The word “uraraka (麗らか)” means like “Peaceful and Wonderful”. That suits her peaceful cheerfulness. Then 日 (hi / bi / ka) means “Day.” Basically, the author put them together and forced it to be pronounced “麗 日 (Urara ka)”. It’s a Peaceful Wonderful Day!”


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