Something I Outlined and Started Writing, but now am Unsure

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She glanced towards the window across the room. It was a large glass one, light seeping into the café and making its patrons glow yellow among the sunset. She also appreciated the ambience here, being a quiet break from the bustling city outside. She propped her arm up on the table, head resting in her palm – still looking out and away from her chemistry paper due next week. Curse that dumbass professor, giving them this shitty essay and shitty chemical explosives while they were still in the middle of their semester’s major lab project.

She groaned into her palm. She’ll never getting a decent motherfucking rest. She went back to staring out the window, watching all the grey, drab people rush by.

The back of a blonde head went by, then stopped. An average height man couldn’t be older than 30 based upon how long it was. Unassuming, she thought. What another drab person.

He stayed by the corner of the window; hands shoved deep into his brown trench coat. He turned, his side profile on display and-


She shoved her books into her bag, leaving her coffee on the table and shot her head shot up, looking for an exit.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

She tripped over a neighbouring table’s chair, rushing towards the ladies’ bathroom.

She reached the door, opening it and turning back to check where he was. He’d just entered the café, his eyes flickering by the patrons closest to him. She slammed the door shut and exhaled; he hadn’t seen her.

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