First Impressions of Terror In Resonance


This series is quite short with only 11 episodes, and the 1st episode is intriguing enough that I think I’ll watch the series.

In the first scene Nine and Twelve seem very nonchalant about what they’re doing, but also seem very prepared and practised.


I definitely want to know what happened in their past. They have numbers for names, can smell out chlorine from a fair while away, have great physical capabilities and are incredibly well-researched. This is shown very clearly throughout the first episode, such as their interaction on the school roof where Twelve shows that he knows, from what I can assume, the entire grade’s names (which also implies that Nine also knows all their names) – and then Nine tells him that students would think it’s weird that he knows the names of students in other classes.

I did have a good giggle too when they placed Nine at the window seat like all good anime protagonists!


Also, the fact that they are not One and Two means that there must be more people like them. And with Nine’s flashback dream shown a bit of and alluded to I’m keen to learn what happened. I’m also going to guess that the ‘VON’ that was spray painted on the floor in the first scene will be important later own. Nine and Twelve also have a pretty nice living space by the looks of it.


It’ll be interesting to see how Lisa ties into everything too. It seems like she might of been raised wherever they were since she has “eyes like those kids at the institution.” And it could help explain why Lisa and her mother seem to have such an unhealthy relationship.


And if the disgraced detective(?) gets involved and I get to see him trying to solve this case that’ll be great! With Nine and Twelve posting videos online prior to the attacks, their mysterious pasts and no clear motive at the moment it’ll be tough for him to solve.

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