My Bedroom, My Happy Space


Personally, I’m a big believer in cultivating a happy place for yourself. Wherever it is, it’s a space where you can go to relax, have time for yourself, really whatever you want to do with it.

For me this space is definitely my bedroom. I have my own room and we aren’t renting so I’m lucky that I am pretty much free to do what I like with the room. My room is where I easily spend the bulk of my time. I read there, watch things, play games, study, sleep… the list goes on. So, I’m very committed to doing whatever I want with it (within reason obviously) to make it feel like my space.

mob studying image
Okay so what if it’s mostly sleep?

My mum is also big on the whole filling spaces with things that make you happy, as evidenced by the Dr Suess art prints in our dining room and the beach/transitioning it seems into more of a lake/forest aesthetic that is in our living room. (Marie Kondo who? I only know my mum telling me to keep the things that make me feel the happiest since I was 5). Her bedroom in comparison though is a lot ‘plainer,’ with a more muted white-washed colour scheme, plenty of pillows and throws, and a minimal number of larger art works. I really think she’s the one who’s instilled this mindset into me (considering my brother has a strong baseball and Mario theme going on, while my sisters who share the biggest room have set up a Slytherin/Ravenclaw theme and decked out their own desks how they like).

saiki family image
It’s been instilled into me from a young age

So, what I’m trying to say is, go forth and fill your space up with whatever makes you happiest.

I know online there’s articles saying to ‘Add lots of soft pillows and blankets!’ ‘Add in greenery!’ and ‘Make sure to use calming colours!’ to your happy space and to that I say: FUCK YOUR ADVICE WOOOOOOOOOO I MAKE MY OWN RULES HELL YEAH WHAT A REBEL! OKAY MAYBE I TOO LIKE THROWS AND PILLOWS BUT SHHHHHHHHH

kenma's room image
How do I get Kenma’s hair?

Honestly though, some of these articles have some good ideas for inspiration. I’ve tried having plants in my room before and boy have I learnt that am I not a green thumb. The pressure to keep them alive was immense. And I still ended up accidentally killing them because turns out over-watering is a thing that happens. Fake plants though also aren’t for me. I think it’s because they remind me too much of the poor plants I’ve killed throughout my life in an attempt to not disappoint my mum’s herb garden.

howl's moving castle flower garden scene
I managed to kill a lucky bamboo plant! That’s how bad I am!

My room is quite filled with things (ahem merch stuff ahem) and I can honestly say it makes me feel happy just looking around my room. Obviously not everything in my room is perfect – I still haven’t found black boxes to replace old purple ones, I really need to repaint my room and I should probably get around to hanging up those two posters above my bookshelf with nails or some form of double tape that have been just sitting on the books for quite some time now. But I’m happy with what I’ve done with my space so I’m not in a rush.

yuuri's room image
What an inspiration

I want to be able to look around and feel a sense of comfort and joy from my happy space. This is also one of the driving reasons behind why I think that as a friend one of the lowest things you could do to me is insult my happy space. I tend to be quite sensitive and a people pleasure (despite a strong, stubborn internal dialogue that affirms that we don’t care if people think bad things of us. Quite conflicting – I know) so saying something negative about my happy space makes me only a tad bit, itty-bitty, really only a smalllllll bit hurt. I rarely let people even into my room because it’s so personal to me and to have someone say something about how they think it’s too overcrowded, or there’s too much of something in it can sting. Especially when they continue to reassert these opinions when I try to distract from my hurt by saying something like ‘I like them and they make me happy so I think it’s fine.’ It’s not for you. You’re not meant to like it. It’s meant for me.

kageyama's room image
Though I would think that this is common sense?

It’s my room and I’ve decorated it with things that make me happy. I update things in it and add things and change things and that’s all fine. Whatever I do with it is fine.

I’ve put a lot of time into cultivating my room to make it a space that I’m happy with and in. This space is important.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.11.44 pm

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