Social Media Update: I have a Podcast and Instagram!


Hi everyone! Just posting to update those who may not know that I’ve updated my social media accounts. Some now have different handles, profiles, etc.

I mostly use Twitter so if you’d like to follow me that’s where I suggest you’d go!

I have a public Twitter account I just made recently. I only post my content here, and some anime-related tweets. There’s maybe some retweets too related to anime. If you follow me and I take a while to follow back please just message me to remind me! Sometimes I just miss things.

I also have a private Twitter account that I’ve had for a while. I mostly retweet art and memes, and it’s rather heavily based in Haikyuu, My Hero Academia and whatever obsession I’m currently going through. It’s also got more personal rant tweets so if you’re not interesting to hearing me complain about things I’d suggest following the public account.

I also have started re-using Instagram since I keep making resolutions to get used to seeing myself in photos!

I also have TikTok where it’s only anime content. This account is currently private just because sometimes my work managers go on social media purges and although I have nothing linking me to work or follow anyone from work if they find I don’t trust them to be mature about it. This account flutters between public and private depending on that lol.

For those who may have not seen already too, I’VE STARTED A PODCAST! 🖤🖤 I’ve been posting my podcast episodes on my blog. It’s a true crime podcast and I’m very excited to be writing scripts, editing and publishing these. I’ve been enjoying the progress so far and appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions! It’s called graveyard shift and is live on Anchor.

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| TikTok 
| YouTube 
| Podcast 

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