Everything to Know About Demon Slayer Sword Colours Pt. 2

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Nichirin blades are special blades forged from a unique ore that constantly absorbs sunlight. Since this is one of the only major weaknesses of demons, these blades are used by demon slayers to kill demons. A demon slayer’s sword will take on a colour when first, with each colour having a meaning. There’s a variety of colours that the swords can have, and it’s said that each colour imparts certain properties to the blade related to the owner’s breathing style. There are 14 blade colours seen throughout the series, as each correlate to one of the 14 breathing styles demon slayers use.  This post covers 7 possible colours that a nichirin blade can be. (To see the other 7 colours’ post, please visit here).

Please be aware that this post contains spoilers for the Demon Slayer manga.

  1. Red

Red swords are wielded by Flame Breathing Style users, such as the Demon Slayers Corps Flame Pillar Kyojuro Rengoku. Rengoku’s red blade is unique because it has a flame patten running down his blade.
Flame Breathing Style users mimic fire and flames in their combat and breathing style, especially the powerful burn of fire. Techniques are known to use singular strikes and intense movements. When used properly, the user sees shades or orange and red flames coming from their sword and/or body.

2. Amber

Amber swords are used by Sound Breathing Style users, such as Tengen Uzui who is the Sound Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. The style is known to imitate sound waves, specifically the disorientating loudness of it.
Techniques of this style include utilising an object that creates a massive amount of sound to use powerful attacks and effective confusion techniques to draw in close to opponents, accompanies by fast movements. If used correctly, the user will visualise amber sound waves coming from their weapon and/or body.

3. Lavender

Lavender swords are owned by users of the Serpent Breathing Style, such as the Snake Pillar Obanai Iguro. Users of this style mimic serpents and snakes, especially their movements and bites, in their movements, techniques and swordsmanship.
The Serpent Breathing Style’s techniques and forms focus upon twisted and bending one’s sword like a snake and making use of non-direct attacks. When used properly, users will see white, red-like or purple-like serpents emitting from their sword or body parts.

4. Lavender-Blue

Lavender-blue swords are wielded by Insect Breathing Style users, such as the Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho. Users of this style imitate insect’s stings and movements with their techniques, movements and swordsmanship.
Techniques and forms of this style include stabbing, thrusting and making shallow cuts with a specially coated-made sword to inflict multiple wounds onto an opponent. This allows the user to inject various lethal Wisteria-based poisons to demons. When used correctly, users will see specific insects (mostly coloured purple) coming from their weapon and body.

5. Light Pink

Light pink swords are owned by Flower Breathing Style users, such as Kanao Tsuyuri. Users’ movements, techniques and swordsmanship mimics flowers and fruits, and the grace and beauty of them.
Techniques and forms of the Flower style require agility and flexibility of users and their weapons. This style is known to enhance one’s vision as well. When properly used, demon slayers using this style will visualise purple, pink and white petal and fruit-like patterns emitting from their body parts or sword.  

6. Purple

Purple swords are used by Moon Breathing Style users, such as the demon Kokushibo. Kokushibo is the only user of this style and is a demon with the title of Upper Rank 1. He was one of the first Demon Slayers to use breathing techniques, and as a demon he has enhanced his style using his Blood Demon Art. This allows Kokushibo to create actual sharp crescent moons from his swings. The Moon Breathing combat and breathing styles imitate the crescent shape of the moon, and is expressed in the user’s movements, techniques and swordsmanship.
Moon Breathing techniques make use of powerful strikes and movements that follow the shape and pattern of a crescent moon. When used properly, users will see bright yellow or blue crescent moons coming from their weapon and/or body parts.

7. Black

Black swords are very rare and demon slayers who wield black swords tend to not live for very long. Because of this, the symbolism of black swords is unknown. Tanjiro Kamado is a demon slayer who wields a black sword. Theories suggest that Tanjiro’s sword may be black in relation to his past job as a charcoal maker, or because he is a Sun Breathing Style user. Since black is all colours combined and the five main breathing styles are all derived from the Sun Breathing Style, it makes sense why Tanjiro’s sword would be black. Or Sun Breathing Style users may even have a black sword because black is the colour that absorbs the most sunlight, and sunlight is one of the demon’s only major weaknesses. It’s been suggested that the reason demon slayers who wield black swords don’t live long is because Muzan personally would ensure they were hunted down before they could become a threat to him like the first Sun Breathing Style user was. The Sun style combat and breathing style mimics the sun, especially its solar flames and users replicate this with their movements, techniques and swordsmanship.
Techniques and forms of this style are very varied and appear to have no set pattern, making it a versatile and effective style against demons. When used properly, users will visualise fairly dark shades of orange and red emitting from their sword or parts of their body.

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