What Character Archetype Are You?


It’s time for a quiz! If you want to answer as we go, this quiz was created by Rowandor and can be found here: https://uquiz.com/quiz/lbJpjR/which-character-archetype-are-you-really

I can only remember one house that I’ve lived in and it is a nice house but not exactly my type I guess…

Definitely forgive, but never forget for me.

Cats are so cute! I have to pick them!

I’ve always like Fridays so Fridays it is!

I’m a night owl so it has to be midnight.

I think growth is individual first before anything else.

This question is always way too tough to decide my answer. I’m choosing air because I am rather chill.

I don’t really have many ‘secrets’ – but I haven’t done anything that I regret that’s affected anyone.

I think it really depends on the context. I think I can be rather nice but also rather cold depending on the situation.

I love the texture of sand!

I think I have ‘fixed’ morals/opinions, I’m realistic/pessimistic depending on what the situation is, I don’t think I’m ‘dry’ and I’m rather relaxed I’ve been told.

It was tough to choose between Drops of Jupiter and The Little Lion because both are great songs! I also like Avi Kaplan, he’s so talented!

I think finding out more about the world, life and myself are important.

Honestly, I’m not surprised by this result.

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7 comments on “What Character Archetype Are You?”

  1. I got:
    The Mage

    The Mage is a Magic-User who often guides and mentors others in their own paths, especially great Heroes. Mages are wise and bearers of great knowledge, both ancient and new, though they are known to lack a moral code; as Magic-Users, they are naturally detached from the world of Mortals, and therefore do not hold themselves to the same moral standing as we would. And yet, they are known to have a passion for both teaching and learning. Those who fall under ‘The Mage’ archetype may be rather neutral in their beliefs, not necessary good of evil, but instead just doing what they see fit just because they can. Mages are naturally wise and often give good, poetic advice that can be interpreted many different ways. They love to teach others what they know, but can and will take revenge if insulted or angered, as they acknowledge their own power and respect it for what it is. Good Examples of ‘The Mage’ archetype are Gandalf (from Lord of the Rings) or Merlin.

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