What’s the Most Underrated Anime?


With all the seasonal anime released, it’s so easy for anime series to get lost. There’s about an approximate 20+ anime released each season and only the most popular gain recognition.

What’s the most underrated anime you’ve seen?

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13 comments on “What’s the Most Underrated Anime?”

  1. I don’t really know about underrated but plenty of decent to good anime just fly under the radar as each season usually has 2 or 3 shows that have the whole community engaged and everything else kind of has smaller clusters of followers and normally those shows don’t get a lot of conversation after the season ends.

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  2. One anime I watched episodes of years ago was Goldfish Warning, aka Kingyo Chuuihou. Just thinking back to some of my favorite parts still cracks me up. I’d love to see it get subbed one day although as a gag series, it’s very niche.

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  3. A highly underrated anime that I’ve wanted to do an extensive anime theme event for is Monster by Naoki Urasawa. The story, suspense and mystery make this series something that’s hard to forget once you watch it. I’ve introduced my girlfriend to it and plenty of friends, DARN YOU JOHAN!

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    1. Monster is amazing! I’m so surprised it’s not more popular as well! I think initially when I saw a few screenshots the style made me glance over it but once reading the synopsis how can you not get hooked 😀


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