Are There Any Anime About Art?


When I say art in this context, I mean painting, pottery, those types of mediums specifically. There’s anime that deal with a lot of different arts forms and their impact on people but I can’t think of any about these specific mediums I’ve mentioned.

I tried to research if there’s any, and the only two I really found were Honey and Clover and Gallery Fake.

Honey and Clover was written and illustrated by Chica Umino, and adapted by J.C.Staff in two seasons from April to September 2005 and June to September 2006. The story follows Yuta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita – students at an art college in Tokyo living in the same apartment complex – and their love triangles, unrequited love, graduating from college, finding jobs and learning about themselves.

Gallery Fake was written and illustrated by Fujihiko Hosono, and adapted by TV Tokyo in 2005. The plot revolves around the owner of an art gallery called ‘Gallery Fake,’ who’s an art dealer selling authentic and fake paintings. However, the owner has a strong sense of justice and goes out of his way to help others.

Obviously, Blue Period is also an anime involving art that has been recently released – however I am still in the process of watching it at the time of writing this post so no spoilers please!

Do you know any anime about art? Would you recommend them?

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9 comments on “Are There Any Anime About Art?”

  1. What about Arte?
    The protagonist is clearly inspired to Artemisia Gentileschi and I like the message of female emancipation she bring with her actions and lines of thought.
    I wrote a review on my blog about it if you are interested

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  2. Though most artists in anime are usually one shot characters or side characters there are a few that are the main characters of the anime. For instance, Barakamon is about a calligrapher that moves to a remote village to find his inspiration again. In Tokyo 24th Ward, one of the trio of hero main characters is a graffiti artist. In the anime Myriad Colors Phantom World the main character sketches out a picture to use his magical powers. And Let’s Make a Mug Too is about the daughter of a world famous potter that gets to know her late mother better through learning how to make pottery!

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  3. Pet Girl of Sakurasou immediately jumped to mind. Nagotaro, from what I read in the manga, has a lot of art in it. (The main male lead is in the art club and that plays a role in some of the arcs.)

    The funny thing is that I’ve been reading the manga “A Kiss, For Real” which features an art cram school.

    If you stretch art to fashion design and modeling, you could through Paradise Kiss in there.

    Those are the ones that jump immediately to mind.

    Granted, I’m basing this off of the fact that you used Honey and Clover as an example. That show features a lot of art, but I wouldn’t say that it’s about art.

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    1. Thanks for all the recommendations! I didn’t realise art cram school was a thing! I thought all Japanese cram schools were academic – no idea that there’s non-academic ones for music, art, and other things! 😀


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