What Anime Do You Wish Was Longer?


We all have that one anime that we wish was longer. Perhaps we think it was too rushed and more screen time would allow these rushed parts to be expanded upon. Perhaps we think it had too complex a plot for a short screen time. Perhaps we think there was a really big missed opportunity with a particular characters, theme or plot point.

I would of loved to see more of the Teiko Middle School days of the Generation of Miracles from Kuroko’s Basketball. They were so cute! I also loved Yosen – they were by far the funniest team for me and I wished they had more screen time! More of the Generation of Miracles interacting would of been fun too, their interactions have some of my favourite scenes when all together or when interacting.

Saiki K as well is my favourite gag anime, it’s such a good comfort anime too! It’s funny, short, easy to follow, has lovable characters, and variety. This makes it an ideal anime to make more episodes of.

So, what’s that anime for you that you wish was longer?

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