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5 Facts to Know About Atsuhiro Sako

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  1. Mr Compress is currently 32 years old, his birthday is October 8th, he’s 181cm tall, and likes magic.
  2. Mr Compress’ Japanese VA, Tsuguo Mogami, also voices the USJ Nomu and Hood (also known as one of the High-End – he’s one of the twelve of Doctor Garaki’s intelligent High-End Nomu).
  3. Mr Compress is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima. Oji Harima is one of the three most infamous villains alongside All for One and Destro (the founder of the original Meta Liberation Army)
  4. Mr Compress’ given name (Atsuhiro) contains the kanji for ‘pressure’ (圧 atsu) and ‘large’ (紘 hiro). The kanji used in his surname (Sako) means ‘urge/force’ or ‘imminent’ (迫 sako).
  5. Mr Compress’ stats according to the Ultra Analysis Book are:
    Power 2/6 (D)
    Speed 4/6 (B)
    Technique 5/6 (A)
    Intelligence 3/6 (C)
    Need to Make a Scene 5/6 (A)

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