My Bedroom, My Happy Space

Personally, I’m a big believer in cultivating a happy place for yourself. Wherever it is, it’s a space where you can go to relax, have time for yourself, really whatever you want to do with it. For me this space is definitely my bedroom. I have my own room and we aren’t renting so I’m … Continue reading My Bedroom, My Happy Space

5 Facts to Know About Hitoshi Shinso

1. Shinso is 177cm tall 2. His name is made up of the kanji for ‘heart, mind’ (心 ‘shin’), ‘manipulate, operate’ (操 ‘so’) and ‘person’ (人 ‘hito’), ‘use’ (使 ‘shi’) The kanji that makes up ‘shinso’ can also mean ‘chastity,’ ‘honest’ or ‘to rig into one’s favour.’ It is also pronounced pretty similarly to the … Continue reading 5 Facts to Know About Hitoshi Shinso