Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion

So, I recently had started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. And I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t liking it. Maybe it was the hype that always surrounds it, maybe it was because of the characters, maybe it was because I was dumb and clearly was missing the point of the show. And so, after episode … Continue reading Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion

Some of My Favourite Anime OPs and EDs

1. Unravel, Tokyo Ghoul OP 1 2. History Maker, Yuri!!! On Ice OP 3. My Dearest, Guilty Crown OP 1 4. Flyers, Death Parade OP 5. Guren No Yumiya, Attack on Titan OP 1 6. Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Neon Genesis Evangelion OP 7. Hey Kids!!, Noragami Aragato OP 1 … Continue reading Some of My Favourite Anime OPs and EDs