5 Facts to Know About Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant’s alias is assumed to be a reference to the Mosin-Nagant, a military rifle that was first developed in the late 1800s and is still used in conflicts today. Lady Nagant’s prison number was 656698, and her real name is Kaina Tsutsumi. Lady Nagant is Japan’s best long-range fighter. Her Quirks are ‘Rifle’ which

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5 Facts to Know About Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki was born April 4th and is 175cm tall. Shigaraki’s surname contains the kanji for ‘death’ (死 shi), ‘handle, grip’ (柄 gara) and ‘tree’ (木 ki), and his first name contains ‘funerals’ (弔 tomura). His birth name Shimura Tenko, contains the kanji for ‘intention’ (志 shi), ‘village’ (村 mura), ‘revolve’ (転 ten) and ‘arc’ (弧

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How I Keep Track of My Manga Collection


I have… quite a lot of manga. When at the shops I’m always scared about doubling up so I recently started up an Excel sheet to keep track of my manga. And it’s been working well! It’s helpful especially to see what I may have already ordered and am waiting on, and my boyfriend can

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November: What I Read/Watched This Month

b the beginning

Anime: I watched B: The Beginning, a Netflix original anime, which I’m planning on writing a separate post about it. Without giving too much away, it’s interesting but a bit confusing to follow. I also started Komi Can’t Communicate and got interested in it because I saw the animations (like above) where Komi looks so

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5 Facts to Know About Shoji Mezo

1. Shoji’s birthday is 15th February (making him the youngest in Class 1-A), he’s 187cm tall (making him the tallest in Class 1-A), his blood type is B, and he was born in the Fukuoka Prefecture. 2. Shoji’s favourite foods are Takoyaki and squid ink pasta. 3. Shoji was ranked 6th during the Quirk Apprehension

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What Does Aizawa Shota Smell Like?

I was searching for ‘Aizawa merch’ and something weird that I noticed was the ‘people also ask’ searches: Why is this the top suggested question? It’s such a random leap. I clicked on the link that pops up and this is what the ‘anime inspired soy candle’ is: Well it is Aizawa merch! According to

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5 Facts to Know About Rumi Usagiyama

1. Mirko’s birthday is March 1st, she likes carrots, she’s 159cm tall, her blood type is O, and she was born in Hiroshima. 2. Mirko is currently the highest ranked female Pro Hero in Japan, ranked at No. 5. 3. Mirko’s hero name is said to have been inspired by the former professional fighter Mirko

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5 Facts to Know About Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

1. His birthday is 16th October, the same as Kirishima’s. 2. His height is 174cm, he likes fighting games, his favourite food is spinach, and his blood type is B. 3. Tetsutetsu’s hero name was misspelled in the original magazine release. It was written as ‘Real Steal’ instead of ‘Real Steel.’ He has been fixed

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5 Facts to Know About Sato Rikido

1. Sato’s birthday is 19th June, he’s 185cm, his favourite food is cake, he was born in the Tottori Prefecture, and his blood type is O. 2. Sato’s stats according to the Ultra Archive are:Power 4/5 (B)Speed 1/5 (E)Technique 2/5 (D)Intelligence 3/5 (C)Cooperativeness 4/5 (B)His stats according to the Ultra Analysis are:Power 5/6 (A+)Speed 4/6

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