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Anime I’d Recommend

A Short Anime: Death Parade An Anime with Lovable Characters: Haikyuu! A Beautifully Animated Anime: Demon Slayer A Funny Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K A Romantic Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle An Action-Packed Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen A Mysterious Anime: Erased An Anime for if You Haven’t Watched an Anime: Death Note A Bloody Anime:

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My Updated Favourite OPs and EDs

1. Lost in Paradise, Jujutsu Kaisen ED 1 2. History Maker, Yuri!!! on Ice OP 3. My Dearest, Guilty Crown OP1 4. Flyers, Death Parade OP 5. Hey Kids!!, Noragami Aragato OP1 6. You Only Live Once, Yuri!!! on Ice ED 7. Guren No Yumiya, Attack on Titan OP1 8. Departures, Guilty Crown ED1 9.

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Some of my Dream Cosplans

I’ve never cosplayed, but I definitely have some that I think would be cool to do. These are broken up into a few categories. Ones that I think are achievable for my never having cosplayed before: I think that Eto is a very realistic cosplan to make. The outfit she wore to her book-signing consists

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