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Who’s Your Favourite Anime Antagonist?

An antagonist is someone who directly stands in the way of the protagonist’s desires/goals. A good antagonist really helps heighten a story. There’s also many type of antagonists like All for One who’s obviously just evil. He has selfish motives, ideals and hurts anyone and everyone to get what he wants. Zeke however is an

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Why is it So Hard To Choose a Favourite Jujutsu Kaisen Character?

nanami and gojo

In some series, it’s so easy to choose a favourite character. Team Edward? Or Team Jacob? But so many people seem to struggle to pick favourite Jutjutsu Kaisen characters. I too fall prey to this. I love Yuji because he’s brave, compassionate and funny. I love Nobara because she’s a badass who loves shopping with

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Would You Rather? Jujutsu Kaisen

Would you rather:Have the Cursed Speech technique?ORHave the Miracles technique? Would you rather:Be trained by Nanami?ORBe training partners with Maki? Would you rather:Have to fight Panda?ORHave to fight Kamo? Would you rather:Get to use Slaughter Demon tool?ORGet to use Miwa’s katana? Would you rather:Have to exorcise Mahito?ORHave to exorcise Choso? | Twitter | TikTok |

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