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Pin Collection Update!

I started a pin collection a few months ago. I’ve put them on a cork board and I absolutely love it! My collection currently consists of: A pride night sky triangle pin by one of Let’s Go Akamaru’s co-founders. Shinso and Aizawa head pins, and a Bakugou and Todoroki side profile pins by Redemsi. A

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5 Facts to Know About Keigo Takami

Hawks is 172cm tall, his blood type is B and his birthplace is Fukuoka. Hawks’ first name is made up of the kanji for ‘disclose, open, say’ (啓 kei) and ‘enlightenment, understanding’ (悟 go) and his surname contains the characters for ‘hawk’ (鷹 taka) and ‘see, visible, idea’ (見 mi). During an interview with Honyasan

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