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Which Haikyu!! Character Are You?

Let’s take a quiz for fun. If you want to answer as we go, this quiz was created by jojobie and can be found here: https://uquiz.com/quiz/hLqfcl/which-haikyuu-character-are-you I’d probably just avoid conflict and walk away. I will death glare them though if they’re annoying me or if I’m in a bad mood. I’ll only talk back

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My Anime Hair Style Inspirations for IRL

Okay so this is definitely not what I was thinking about writing this week, but my love for these heads of hairs cannot be contained any longer. Easily, the anime characters that showcase the hair I wish I could pull off the most are: Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri On Ice) I love Yurio’s hair. It’s just

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