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Anime Tattoos and My Squeamishness

I’ve talked on my blog before about how I think tattoos are super cool, but I’m terrified to get any. Recently though, there have been many tattoos added to my list of ones I like and I thought I’d share them! Manga Tattoo Ideas I really like the above Nishinoya and Maki panels! They’re such

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Would You Rather? Jujutsu Kaisen

Would you rather:Have the Cursed Speech technique?ORHave the Miracles technique? Would you rather:Be trained by Nanami?ORBe training partners with Maki? Would you rather:Have to fight Panda?ORHave to fight Kamo? Would you rather:Get to use Slaughter Demon tool?ORGet to use Miwa’s katana? Would you rather:Have to exorcise Mahito?ORHave to exorcise Choso? | Twitter | TikTok |

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