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What’s Your Favourite Anime Weapon?

Anime series have some very exciting and creative weapons. I particularly like the 3D Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan. It’s a very effective tool to use against titans and is so fun to watch the Scouts fly from tree to tree, do spins and more! Death Scythes from Soul Eater are also such as

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How Much Can Mikasa Lift?

As an Ackerman, Mikasa’s physical abilities are insane. Seeing her throughout the series we see her carrying way more boxes and barrels than others and carrying multiple rails and thunder spears. It made me wonder how much can Mikasa lift? I would assume she carries 150+kg easily since she carries large bundles of thunder spears.

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Would you Rather? Attack on Titan

Would you rather:Have Armin be the Commander of the Scouts?ORHave Jean be the Commander of the Scouts? Would you rather:Have good hearing, archery, horseback riding, and tracking skills like Sasha? ORHave great hand-to-hand combat skills like Annie (who is considered on par to Mikasa in combat)? Would you rather:Have to fight Levi?ORHave to fight Kenny

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