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Anime Tattoos and My Squeamishness

I’ve talked on my blog before about how I think tattoos are super cool, but I’m terrified to get any. Recently though, there have been many tattoos added to my list of ones I like and I thought I’d share them! Manga Tattoo Ideas I really like the above Nishinoya and Maki panels! They’re such

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5 Facts to Know About Nishinoya Yū

His worst subject is contemporary literature His birthday is the 10th October Nishinoya’s jumping height is 300cm He is officially the series’ 3rd biggest eater Nishinoya’s name (西谷 夕) means “west” (西), “valley” (谷) and “evening” (夕). This is actually the opposite of Asahi Azumane’s name which means “morning sun” (旭) and “east peak” (東峰)

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