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Would You Rather? MHA Edition

Would you rather:Have Bakugou as your hero partner?orHave to tell Recovery Girl that Deku broke more bones? Would you rather:Be invisible like Hagakure?orHave a ‘no sleep’ quirk? Would you rather:Have Aizawa as your partner?orHave All Might has your dad? Would you rather:Become a hero but you have to date Endevour?orJoin the League of Villains but

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Ranking Class 1-A’s Bedrooms

Obviously these are all just my personal preferences and this post is just for fun! Mineta Never would enter. -10/10. Shoji Sorry Shoji, but there’s literally nothing in this room. I understand that it’s probably more comfortable that way with your quirk but still… You didn’t bring anything aside from a desk, cushion, futon and

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5 Facts to Know about Ochaco Uraraka

In her original design Ochaco was called Yuu. She had Mt Lady’s quirk and a different personality. Horikoshi actually changed her character’s quirk because he thought it would be too ‘stressful’ and ‘troublesome’ for her as the main heroine, saying that this would be because she would stand out so much Her birthday is 27th

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